As a dynamic and hard-working professional with many years of specialized practice, I possess the in-depth market knowledge and hands-on experience that enables me to provide a large variety of real estate solutions to all of my clients.

With a formal education in computer sciences, I am better able to understand the needs of modern industrial tenants, a growing number of whom require buildings that can accommodate ever more sophisticated and automated equipment. That foundation has been of great value to me, as I continues to operate in an industrial property market that has become increasingly sophisticated and that requires the highest standard of integrated expertise.

My excellent reputation has been earned by providing local, national, and multinational industrial clients with customized real estate solutions that have fulfilled business objectives and maximized cost-saving opportunities. My varied experience allows me to offer a comprehensive range of services that are applicable to any diverse product type in Calgary -- including industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, traditional warehouse space, distribution facilities, specialized research and development facilities, as well as serviced and unserviced land.

Given the demand for my professional services, I regularly place as a top agent within my brokerage, have earned several awards of merit such as the RE/MAX Platinum Club Award, and have been inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Most recently, my brokerage group was ranked among the "Top 10" commercial real estate teams at RE/MAX in all of Canada, and "Top 50" worldwide. We also continue to rank as the top-performing commercial real estate team at RE/MAX Commercial in Calgary.


The complexity of today's commercial real estate market demands that tenants have an expert advocate to negotiate exclusively on their behalf. However, many executives still do not make the distinction between engaging the services of someone who is primarily a landlord's agent, and those of a professional tenant representative like myself.

If the majority of your agent's business is driven by his relationships with landlords, how can you be certain that your representative is truly free from any conflict of interest -- be it real, potential or perceived? A commercial real estate professional who specializes exclusively in tenant representation can also be relied upon to provide unbiased advice and candid market insight. Before calling the number on a real estate sign, consider the agency relationship that exists between the landlord and the person he has engaged to represent him. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, imagine to what extent the services of a professional tenant representative like myself can empower you!


RE/MAX is a major force in commercial real estate markets across the world. Its commercial specialists close billions of dollars in transactions annually. As one of the most recognized real estate brands, RE/MAX allows its clients to tap into a global network of professionals with vast experience in commercial real estate. At the individual level, the company's commercial practitioners have the background, the knowledge, and the independence to successfully represent clients in every phase of their business development and investment goals.