We are very active in representing tenants with lease renewals at their current locations, and toward the end of their existing lease terms.

As is very often the case, your landlord simply advises you of the new rates, you sign your lease renewal, and go forward. Although it's certainly the path of least resistance, it isn't necessarily going to account for your company's operating costs, future plans and growing needs. As commercial real estate professionals, we can assist you by adding negotiating elements that most tenants do not typically possess, such as: up-to-the-minute market knowledge, expertise in lease renewals, and experience dealing with your landlord in lease negotiations.

Calgary's industrial real estate market is very active and conditions are constantly changing. Vacancies in specific sub-markets move up and down, affecting that market, occupancies vary, terms and conditions of leases being offered today may have changed from your original lease, landlord concessions change, tenant improvements may be fully amortized, and most importantly — lease rates change.

How do you know that the deal the landlord will offer is competitive and best serves your future needs and options?

That's where we can come in to support a responsible lease renewal negotiation.

Our services are free to you, the tenant, as we only share in the fees that your landlord extends to their own respective agent. You must always bear in mind that the landlord's agent exclusively represents the landlord's interests.

Depending on certain circumstances, the time to start this process is typically 8 to 12 months prior to your lease expiration date. This will provide an opportunity to examine and consider all of the options that might best serve your negotiating position.