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Our commercial real estate brokerage practice began in 2006 and we have grown to offer a full range of property services to our many clients.

Tenant Representation

A tenant should have access to current market knowledge and objective advice that only a team of seasoned professionals like ours can provide.

As commercial real estate experts, we negotiate frequently with all of the local brokerages, landlords and developers. We know what to ask for in terms of rates, options and concessions. We will preview potential opportunities, have your questions answered, obtain any additional information you may require, and coordinate visits to whichever properties you ultimately find suitable. We can also address other issues like environmental concerns, zoning, business licensing and construction permitting, financing, and various other items related to setting up your business.


Landlord Representation

Our team works with landlords and owners to properly position and market the unique benefits of their commercial properties.

With our intimate knowledge of the Calgary and area landscape, we can quickly and efficiently promote your property not just to prospects, but also to well-qualified tenants who are a proper fit to your long-term vision. We creatively and relentlessly reach out to prospective tenants, leverage relationships, and connect our clients with businesses that would blend ideally into your current tenant mix. Our extensive sales and marketing backgrounds both inside and outside of commercial real estate, have endowed us with a skillset to promote your properties through both traditional and non-traditional channels that other brokers may not even think to exploit. We can represent a single property or an entire portfolio, and our lease negotiating experience provides a strong foundation for tenant retention, and to fostering long-term occupancy while reducing your downtime in between tenants.


Property Brokerage

Our team has extensive experience with commercial real estate brokerage and we have helped clients both large and small navigate their way through the complexities of buying and selling every type of commercial property.

If we are marketing your property for sale, we will exploit channels that many others overlook or simply do not have available to them. We have the skills and marketing experience that very few others can put at your disposal. Our market insights, access to detailed comparable sales records and other leading industry tools, ensure that we position our client’s commercial real estate assets in such a way as to achieve the highest value possible in the least amount of time on-market.

If you are buying a property, we can assist you in making an informed and responsible decision. We support our clients with value-added services such as site selection, market research, financial analysis and transaction negotiation. Our strengths go beyond property lines. We provide solutions that are timely, proven to fulfill business objectives, and that will maximize cost saving opportunities.


Lease Renewal Negotiation

We are very active in representing tenants with lease renewals at their current locations, and toward the end of their existing lease terms.

As is very often the case, your landlord simply advises you of your new rate, you sign your lease renewal, and go forward. Although it is certainly the path of least resistance, it is not necessarily going to account for your company’s operating costs, future plans and growing needs. As commercial real estate professionals, we can assist you by adding negotiating elements that most tenants do not typically possess, such as up-to-the-minute market knowledge, expertise in lease renewals, and experience dealing with your landlord in lease negotiations.

Calgary’s commercial real estate market is very active and conditions are constantly changing. Vacancies in specific sub-markets move up and down affecting that market, occupancies vary, terms and conditions of leases being offered today may have changed from your original lease, landlord concessions change, tenant improvements may be fully amortized, and most importantly, lease rates change. Our team can help you to make certain that the deal your landlord will offer is not only competitive, but will also best serve your future needs and options.


Sublease Management

Changing business conditions or strategies may sometimes necessitate the disposition of leased commercial space via sublease, lease assignment or lease buy-outs.

Lease dispositions can sometimes be tricky as they may require three-way negotiations between the tenant, the landlord, and the prospective subtenant. To achieve successful outcomes, one needs a thorough understanding of the process, expert advice, and a comprehensive plan of action. As commercial real estate specialists in Calgary, we understand the complexities of these types of transactions, and have the experience to create solutions that quickly yield results.

Regardless of size or location and whether a client’s disposition and/or lease restructuring goals are related to M&A activity, downsizing, relocation, bulk transactions, or corporate restructuring, our team is able to optimize that client’s portfolio by implementing comprehensive and creative solutions that are tailored to the client’s needs.

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